Sutter Station

My first interests in tattoos were early, early on, but I began my actual apprenticeship in 1993 under Steve Hendrix at Gold Coast Tattoo in Monterey Calif.

Tattooing opened the door for me to travel a fair amount allowing me to visit and Tattoo in such wonderful places as Spain where I Tattooed in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, and later in Amsterdam Holland, Clevedon England, and Aberdeen Scotland. Here in the US, I have been able to Tattoo in, Santa Cruz (CA), San Francisco (CA), San Jose (CA), San Mateo (CA), Huntington Beach (CA), Costa Mesa (CA), Reno (NV), and Morgan Valley (IA), Palm Beach (FL), Seattle (WA). I feel honored to have been able to work at such Tattoo shops as Gold Coast Tattoo, Mao-Y- Cathy Tatuaje Artistico, Hanky Panky’s Tattoo, and Al’s Rock of Ages Tattoo.

My wonderful wife Sara and I opened Folsom City Ink in 2000 and I continue to tattoo and paint here.


Traditional and stylized ideas of Americana, Japanese, Bio-Mechanic, Bio Flora, Portraits, stylized Island Tribal

HOURS & Appointments

Tuesday – Saturday: 11 pm – 8 pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed

300 Reading St., Folsom, CA 95630

Call for appointments at (916) 790-8551