I’ve never looked at tattooing as my job, but my lifestyle. I did my first tattoo when I was twelve years old and was addicted ever since.

I started my apprenticeship under Tim Reasons. I’ve been tattooing professionally for 10+ years, mostly in the east bay CA. I often tattoo on the road at conventions with my buddy’s from Bay Area Ink Spot. I also tattoo at Delta Art & Tattoo in Pittsburg, CA. When I’m not tattooing, my time is spent with watercolor paintings or acrylics on multiple mediums. I find myself tattooing many different styles such as Japanese, black and grey, lettering.

I mostly enjoy and specialize in tattooing American Traditional and  Neo-Traditional. If you find yourself wanting to be creative and crazy, throw me some ideas you may have and I’ll gladly put pencil to paper and draw you some bad ass original piece with a little twist of my own style.